The best way to tell the world F*** YOU!

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s on top of the Kristen Stewart – Robert Pattinson debacle. But looking at the pictures and reading the stories, there’s only one person in the whole triangle that I respect. Miss Liberty Ross.

First we have the amazing pictures that were spread around because no one even knew who Liberty Ross – aka The Wife – was.

But the pictures post-drama are even more impressive. No woman ever cheated on, has given such a massive Fuck You to the world as Liberty! She knows how to and she does it with power shoes.

One pair of these please! If anyone knows whose they are, help a girl out!

This outfit is based on the Balmain Crucifix necklace, which is often rumored to be an anti-vampire item – sly, very sly. The shoes are Alaia and couldn’t be more kick-ass appropriate! Oh and let’s not forget about her jewelry, and mostly the jewelry we’re missing! Pas de wedding ring! YOU GO GIRL. If your man wants to downgrade like that, you upgrade like this!

Can’t wait to see more of Liberty..

Xo Flo

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DON’T Go into Zara

Fall collections are finally hitting the stores and while I was in Dusseldorf I walked into the Zara. I would like to issue an official warning, NOT to go to Zara unless you have a lot of money burning in your pocket. So many things I liked and loved, but there’s one specific item that caught my eye and kept poking at it for the rest of the day.

Meet ‘Le Coat’. I might regret sharing it with you, because I would like to keep this thing a secret. But I’m still not sure whether to buy it, as I thought the leather sleeves felt very faux leather which is kind of a deal breaker for a €169,- coat.

As you can probably see, from my posting this, I have my laptop back. Which is not only good for blogging, but now I can finally catch up on Pretty Little Liars. Have a lovely weekend!

XO Flo

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Fall Trend: Baroque

Last fall trend I gave you was the Goth trend, but now we move on to the baroque trend. I love a great baroque jacket as it has such a huge drama effect. All you need is Baroque!

No one does baroque like Olivier Rousteing at Balmain. The man is a god and not only does he design magnificent clothes, the dude’s hot as well! Dolce and Gabbana love them some drama, so no surprise there they do a great Baroque collection.

Want to baroque yourself and also a little cheaper? Take a look at my scarve-print Asos jacket. The new H&M fall catalogue has come out as well, and this beautiful Baroque printed legging is available for just €14.99!

Go on and turn it into your own style ;)

XO Flo

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Home Sweet Home

So far being back from Marrakech hasn’t been what I wanted it to be. After finally heading to the airport after which can only be described as an awfully hot and long day it was finally time to go. Don’t get me wrong, I totally heart Marrakech, but a week of 48 degrees on a daily basis and no lower temperature at night does things to a person. I’m pretty sure my brain was boiling, as the most simple calculations where even too much.

In the airplane you have to turn your phone off, and great citizen that I am, I did. I truly wish I didn’t because ever since, my phone has decided not to turn on anymore. It was great yesterday, when I was still tired from the trip and slept through most of the day. Less fun when it turned out my grandmother was panicking as she didn’t know whether I’d arrived or not.

My Macbook has been annoying for a while as my dvd-drive keeps spitting out every dvd I try to insert. Wouldn’t be such a problem for a normal person, is a big deal for a Friends fan who is deprived of her number 1 activity of the day. – Don’t judge!

See these lovely bags? I picked up one for me and my mom – Daughter of the year 2012 – for only 32 euros each! We both have the bag with the turquoise stone on it. Besides the turquoise stones, they also have several coins from different countries on there and I was so excited there was an old Gulden coin on there, the 2,50 kind which is now 1 euro.

I’ll be sending my laptop away to be repaired today, so the universe has decided to make it harder for me to blog. Don’t worry kiddo’s, I’ll still be here!

XO Flo

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The mountains, The food and plain relaxing

Saturday was the day that we decided to go to see the mountains. We arranged a cheap trip their by joining to other guests at our hotel. Little did we know that they were going somewhere completely different – but beautiful – which created a detour of about 2 hours. The roads through the Atlas mountains was wing and it wasn’t long before I started feeling carsick. Usually I can control it, but there was just so much to see that it was impossible to sit still.

En route to Ourika, the magical place with the huge waterfalls, we stopped to see camels, a Berber bridge and the house of a typical Berber family. All very, very interesting to see. We also went to a special sort of pharmacy, where I bought loads of traditional stuff like black soap and Kohl.

Eventually we arrived at the spot where our guide was waiting for us and we were going hiking. By that time I was already feeling a bit weak but I was determined to make it to the top. Unfortunately my body seemed to disagree, and after 10 minutes I was exhausted. I told them to go on without me. (Drama queen that I am)

I just sat there enjoying the view, waiting for them to come back and get me and eventually they did. Lysanne enjoyed the waterfalls, and I did the same vicariously.

After driving all the way back, we were absolutely exhausted and rested in our hotel room before going for dinner on the square. We went to the famous Cafe de France, which sucks big time. We simply had pizza, and it was good. But their menu was very limited and so we just ate and looked at the mass of people down on the square. It’s ridiculous when you see the amount of people gathering here every night.

yesterday, however, we went to the famous Tanjia. A restaurant which claims to have the best Tajines in Marrakech. Although I would love to take a tasting test throughout them all and see if it’s true, My lamb tajine was delicious and I will just believe them.

Last but not least I finally went to Le Jardin Majorelle and enjoyed every beautiful minute of it. Damnit what a beautiful garden that is. YSL was one lucky man. I’ll add most of my pictures, as a picture is worth a thousand words.

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