Home Sweet Home

So far being back from Marrakech hasn’t been what I wanted it to be. After finally heading to the airport after which can only be described as an awfully hot and long day it was finally time to go. Don’t get me wrong, I totally heart Marrakech, but a week of 48 degrees on a daily basis and no lower temperature at night does things to a person. I’m pretty sure my brain was boiling, as the most simple calculations where even too much.

In the airplane you have to turn your phone off, and great citizen that I am, I did. I truly wish I didn’t because ever since, my phone has decided not to turn on anymore. It was great yesterday, when I was still tired from the trip and slept through most of the day. Less fun when it turned out my grandmother was panicking as she didn’t know whether I’d arrived or not.

My Macbook has been annoying for a while as my dvd-drive keeps spitting out every dvd I try to insert. Wouldn’t be such a problem for a normal person, is a big deal for a Friends fan who is deprived of her number 1 activity of the day. – Don’t judge!

See these lovely bags? I picked up one for me and my mom – Daughter of the year 2012 – for only 32 euros each! We both have the bag with the turquoise stone on it. Besides the turquoise stones, they also have several coins from different countries on there and I was so excited there was an old Gulden coin on there, the 2,50 kind which is now 1 euro.

I’ll be sending my laptop away to be repaired today, so the universe has decided to make it harder for me to blog. Don’t worry kiddo’s, I’ll still be here!

XO Flo

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The mountains, The food and plain relaxing

Saturday was the day that we decided to go to see the mountains. We arranged a cheap trip there by joining two other guests at our hotel. Little did we know that they were going somewhere completely different – but beautiful – which created a detour of about 2 hours. The roads through the Atlas mountains were these fun hairpin bends and it wasn’t long before I started feeling carsick. Usually I can control it, but there was just so much to see that it was impossible to sit still.

En route to Ourika, the magical place with the huge waterfalls, we stopped to see camels, a Berber bridge and the house of a typical Berber family. All very, very interesting to see. We also went to a special sort of pharmacy, where I bought loads of traditional stuff like black soap and Kohl.

Eventually we arrived at the spot where our guide was waiting for us and we were going hiking. By that time I was already feeling a bit weak but I was determined to make it to the top. Unfortunately my body seemed to disagree, and after 10 minutes I was exhausted. I told them to go on without me. (Drama queen that I am)

I just sat there enjoying the view, waiting for them to come back and get me and eventually they did. Lysanne enjoyed the waterfalls, and I did the same vicariously.

After driving all the way back, we were absolutely exhausted and rested in our hotel room before going for dinner on the square. We went to the famous Cafe de France, which sucks big time. We simply had pizza, and it was good. But their menu was very limited and so we just ate and looked at the mass of people down on the square. It’s ridiculous when you see the amount of people gathering here every night.

yesterday, however, we went to the famous Tanjia. A restaurant which claims to have the best Tajines in Marrakech. Although I would love to take a tasting test throughout them all and see if it’s true, My lamb tajine was delicious and I will just believe them.

Last but not least I finally went to Le Jardin Majorelle and enjoyed every beautiful minute of it. Damnit what a beautiful garden that is. YSL was one lucky man. I’ll add most of my pictures, as a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Les Bains des Marrakech

After our first night in Marrakech, it was time for us to explore the great Jemaa el Fna at daytime and see what it is all about. Arriving at a new spot at nighttime is always more impressive than it in reality is. Looking back I see us, two weird Europeans looking out of place with their luggage, panicking someone might take it from us.

Lysanne and I took a stroll to the square and walked around for a bit, we ended up at a Cyberpark. Never before had I heard of something like a Cyberpark and it turns out it is a park – beautifully made – with several computers throughout where you can surf the internet. It’s like a library only outdoors.

Walking back to the riad, we crossed the square and went right back into the souks, where our hotel is based. Walking through Marrakech is like having your iPod on and listening to a constant self-confidence building tape. The compliments fly around, some nicer to hear than others. This 17-year old dude asked me yesterday, if I wanted to have sex with his Frere. I was seething and thankfully it was way to busy to turn around, but I think he saw the fire in my eyes (and I don’t mean the fire Anastasia Steele is talking about).

After relaxing in the riad for a bit, we finally had our Rendez-vous at Les Bains Des Marrakech. One of the best and most famous hammams in Marrakech. Lysanne and I booked ‘The Traditional One’ treatment, which entails a scrub with black soap, a ghassoul body mask and a lovely relaxing massage.

For the scrub part of it all, we were led into this room that was dark and hot and had three beds along the walls. Whenever you’re in one of those, do NOT touch the walls. They’re hot! After a few seconds a woman came in an d commanded us to SIT! (such a lovely woman) All of a sudden she started throwing buckets of tepid water all over us. After that she left the room but not before she told us to LIE FACE DOWN! (notice the capitals, shouty-capitals)

After a few seconds she came back and starting rubbing us with ‘BLACK SOAP, EUCALYPTUS’ which apparently – combined with the heath – opens up your pores and make the scrubbing process that much easier. We had to wait about 10 minutes, before someone came back and threw more buckets over us. After a few seconds two women came in, and I started to get a little scared. I had heard about the ruthless scrubbing process which would leave you practically skinless, and I decided for myself that it had to hurt. I got this cute little woman who started scrubbing my legs like a maniac, but Lysanne had this big woman who reminded us of the headmistress in Matilda. I’m sure she used to shot-put back in the day. The scrub wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, it’s just my legs who don’t like to be handled as rough, but I managed. After putting on the ghassoul mask and fill ing the room with steam we got another load of buckets filled with water and we got to take a shower.

Before heading to the relaxing rooms, we got a little package with a black glove. So nice, a little souvenir, “the glove you were just scrubbed with’ (cleaned though). In the relaxing rooms we got water and Mint tea (oh so sweet) with an assortment of Moroccan biscuits. After 15 minutes we were led to the massage room where two women were waiting to give us a relaxing time. I chose to have a relaxing massage because there’s only one woman I trust to give me draining massages (yes, you Jaya!). All in all we had a lovely experience at Les Bains des Marrakech and we might head back one of these days, if we find some time!

Today we are headed to La Plage Rouge which is kind of like a relaxing party pool, I hope we get to meet some cool people that we can maybe hang out with this weekend!

I’ll keep u updated!
XO Flo

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Marrakech, Je t’aime (so far)

I’m typing this blog on my bed in my hotel room in Marrakech, accompanied by my good friend the air-conditioning. So far Marrakech has been amazing, I think my jaw dropped to the floor at least 10 times last night. We arrived at night time, right at the huge square Jemaa el Fnaa, Lysanne and I were stunned by the great amount of people. It was from another world..

There was a cute little guy from the hotel who came to pick us up and put our luggage into a little cart – we had to follow him towards the riad. It seemed like an endless walk to the riad, but that was mostly because there was so much to take in around me. The famous Cafe de France, fake designer bags and the most beautiful hand made leather bags. I can’t possible leave without one of those beautiful satchels.

I didn’t make any pictures last night, because at that time it is so busy they recommend you to go out with just some money in your pockets and nothing else, to decrease the risk of being robbed. To be fair, it was a lot easier for ourselves to, to go out without having to watch every step or everyone who might bump into you.

We are staying at the Riad des Arts and I must say it’s heaven. It’s so calm and quiet in here that you can’t possibly imagine that we’re less than 50 meters from a proper souk. The riad has a lovely rooftop where Lysanne and I relaxed and talked for a while, while the air was cooling of and there was a nice breeze.

Today we are going to the hammam, Les Bains des Marrakech. We are both going to have a proper scrub, body mask and a lovely massage. Tomorrow a new blogpost will be written by an entirely different person..

More pictures to come soon!
XO Flo

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Raf Simons Debut

Paris was buzzing yesterday, and not because it’s holiday season and the city is filled with tourists. Yesterday was Raf Simon’s debut at Christian Dior. His first show with Dior is the Fall 2012 Couture show and all eyes were on the guy from Antwerp who used to design for Jil Sander.

I’m liking what I see, fuchsia and flower and prints and velvet. It all looks like a fairytale dream, that I do not want to wake up from. Not now, not ever. My favorite looks? The printed ball gown and the black trousers with the fuchsia long-skirted top.

You be the judge, do you think Raf Simons managed to be better than the brilliant – yet slightly creepy – John Galliano?

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